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The Fighters
A Deeper Dive

Silhouette of Soldiers

There are many brave doctors and scientists who have been relentlessly fighting to get information out to save your LIFE!   Some of these heroes have faced arrest, loss of license, and more.

Please study the links to their relentless fight to get information to the world.

The Doctors

Dr. Ruby survives virus and discovers democrats are blocking access to medications.

Dr. McCullough is highly credentialed and has been a leader in the medical response to the Covid-19 disaster.

Again, a highly credentialed cardiologist who makes the case that inflammation and blood clotting can kill.  The link explains extensively.

A chiropractor who while helping his patients was charged by the FTC for helping his patients with a known vitamin protocol

A woman of science and the spirit, a true hero in this fight

A relentless fighter, this is a link to her video "Make a Stand"

CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics regarding Covid-19, Vaccine, & Treatments

Physician and inventor or the mRNA vaccine technology

The Doctors
Important Links
In the Media

Since this started it has been so hard to find truth, this is truth

In the Media
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