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The most important thing I have learned about Covid-19 is to treat it early.  The best place to start is boosting your immune system.  All of the vitamins work as team together to protect you.  

Important: Vitamin D levels are critical in preventing critical illness.  My level is 65, it needs to be minimally above 30.

My personal protection plan

  • 3000 mg vitamin C

  • 100 mg Zinc

  • 5,000 IU vitamin D

  • 1 multi vitamin

  • 1200 mg Calcium

  • 250 mg Quercetin

  • One dose Ivermectin every two weeks

It is important to have medicine on hand just in case you get sick or use it prophylactically to prevent covid-19


Important Links

Keep yourself healthy, treat early if you get sick, DON'T LIVE IN FEAR

Prophylaxis is an action taken to prevent or protect against a specified disease. Greek in origin, from the word "phylax", meaning "to guard" and "watching."

Contact your doctor or one of the services here to obtain your prophylaxis medicines

Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance

Tons of information including Prevention and Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol

These brave doctors have put it all on the line to save peoples lives

This site explains hydroxycloriquine, ivermectin, vaccines, and more

This site is an aggregate of interviews, podcasts, and Webinars

Explaining the research on Covid-19

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Zelenko Protocol innovator: 99% survival of high risk Covid-19 patients

Katie Jennings an at home mom fighting to save lives

Everyday Health Care Connected

Modern Health Care Delivered

Important Links


For your convenience I have provided links for these books

Many at home remedies and information

Dr. Joseph Mecola  The New Normal

Jeffrey Barke M.D. Covid -19 Series

Turning a Pandemic into a Catastrophe

Colleen Huber NMD 500+ Medical Studies

Dr. Simone Gold Her Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture - A true Hero

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